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The foremost publishers of Classic Grounded Theory Methodology.

Formed in 1970, Sociology Press is dedicated to keeping classic grounded theory work in print. Students, researchers and those who teach grounded theory can choose from a number of publications listed on this website. The variety of published books includes models from grounded theory studies and dissertations as well as straightforward, methodological "how to" books.

Sociology Press has also produced several Readers that contain grounded theory papers, chapters and articles personally selected by Dr. Barney G. Glaser. These Readers provide a compendium of knowledge which people doing grounded theory can use as a continual source of support. The need for grounded theory is growing, and as the need increases, so does the demand for accurate and informative grounded theory publications. Sociology Press will continue to keep you updated on this evolving and widely used methodology.

Grounded Theory Perspective: Its Origin and Growth

The Cry for Help: Preserving Autonomy Doing GT Research

Choosing Grounded Theory: A GT Reader of Expert Advice