Memoing: A Vital Grounded Theory Procedure

Barney G. Glaser, Ph.D., Hon Ph.D. (2014) $38.00
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Memos are neglected as a GT procedure. This neglect is partly my fault to be corrected in this book which will deal with the vital aspect of memoing. Memos are a very important GT procedure that is fundamental to the GT generation analysis of grounded theory. This book emphasizes the importance of memos from the very start of the GT research to the working paper. It highlights and focuses on memoing in the hopes of aiding researchers, especially novice beginning researchers, with the management of the plethora of ideas that emerge with no loss thereof as GT research progresses.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Introduction: Free Style Memoing - 1
Chapter 2
Tracking Growth of Theory - 29
Chapter 3
More Thoughts on Memo Tracking - 59
Chapter 4
Sorting Memos - 73
Chapter 5
Theoretical Sorting - 99
Chapter 6
Theoretical Memos - 123
Chapter 7
Memoing - 143